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Friday, August 6, 2010

Facebook Survey Information

This survey was conducted at the end of the school year last year and our Facebook page launch occurred at the end of February. I've shared these results with training groups, but here they are again for your reference. 159 students across all levels (Algebra I through Algebra 2 Honors) took the survey.

Does the Facebook page get you talking more about math?
34.6% said Yes

Did becoming a fan encourage you to spend more time thinking about math now than you did before?
40.9% said Yes

Have you gotten homework help on Facebook (from the teacher or another student)?
68.8% said Yes

Have you forgotten about homework or a test and were reminded by Facebook?
53.9% said Yes

Do you feel more freedom to ask math questions because of the Facebook page?
35.1% said Yes

Do you feel more incentive to do better in this class more than your other classes that are not on Facebook?

44.8% said Yes

Would you like your other classes to get Facebook pages?
92.7% said Yes

I believe that any positive response is a win for educators. We are here to reach them and Facebook provides a way! This is their space, and they don't seem to mind that we're in it, in fact, they want us there. I am glad to see that even with the limited amount of time we had to experiment, the students still felt it was a good thing--I am looking forward to what transformations will happen in the classrooms that are beginning to make pages this year! Good luck and way to go!

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