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Friday, August 6, 2010

Facebook Quotes from Cy Falls Students

Thank you, Kara, for compiling these! Here are some of the responses from our survey this last school year.

Questions asked in the survey:
Do you have any thoughts and ideas on how using Facebook or other sites can further your education?
Do you think using Facebook can help you learn math?

***** Why Facebook? *****

“I’m always on Facebook or the computer in general and I think having this easy access helps with the hint and various things they post on Facebook.”

“You can easily interact with your peers on a network that you spend so much of your time on but instead of gossiping, you will be learning.”

“It gives me quick, easy, and resourceful information.”

“People are on Facebook 24/7. Putting a math page on there give people an easier route to access math help.”

“Yeah, I think maybe we can have sort of “tutorial” sites/powerpoints on Facebook. Like there’s School Wires, but I never get on that. I always get on Facebook. So it’d be easier for me to access everything through Facebook rather than School Wires.

***** Facebook Supports Classroom Instruction *****

“Teachers can put extra information that they didn’t have time to say in class on Facebook and help the students.”

“Provide links for homework and online reviews.”

“They should post other links to helpful sites.”

“By reminding of homework or assignments.”

“More homework reminders and other helpful resources could be posted. If the Fan Page showed up on my Live Feed for Facebook more often, I might go to it more often.”

“Reminders help students to do homework and study for assignments they may have forgotten about. Also, group discussions can help work though difficult problems.”

“Giving help on homework and reminding us about tests and quizzes.”

“Send reminders for the test and put some fun math games links.”

“They could post more links on homework help.”

“Posting homework for each day.”

“Links to videos of online lessons, a posted calendar, and reminders for tests or any other assignment.”

“Once the page gets established, I think it would be a great place to get homework help and to post more challenging problems and maybe even an archive of all the past homework worksheets to student for a quiz or test.”

“Extra math homework/quiz explanations, along with math-related jokes and riddles.”

***** Students get Extra Help on Facebook *****

“Students that have an aptitude for the class that you have difficulty in can help you on homework or re-explain math principles.”

“It helps with discussion.”

“Get help from other peers and teachers.”

“People can help me with my problems.”

“You can ask questions to friends.”

“You have any questions you didn’t ask in class you can ask them on the page now.”

“Homework help.”

“Getting help and asking questions.”

“Some people aren’t bold enough to express their questions and it’ll probably help those out there not outgoing enough to fully absorb the lessons in math.”

***** A few Benefits from using Facebook *****

“It helps me become more involved.”

“Using Facebook or other sites could further my education because it adds interest to the subject.”

“They can further enhance the learning ability since it is extra practice for the class.”

“Coming up or looking for Geometry math games. That relates to our current unit. So that we are able to learn, have fun, and help you get ready for test and quizzes.”

“Facebook for me, has always been a reminder and/or help in the lessons we have been learning. Always receiving knowledge was my initial use for this side, yet now that this page was made, I have been urged to progress in my learning of math, spending more time in study. I have changed for the better, not retrogressing back to the receiving end, yet I am giving help and tips to others in need. Now if I can only say the same about my other classes lol.”

“Keep going. Its important that you extend any forms of education on social networks.”

“Facebook can make math interesting, and also arouse the curiosity in kids, which would hopefully inspire them to, on their own time, go deeper into the world of math and learn more for themselves.”

***** Ideas from Students on how to extend learning with Facebook *****

“Maybe some networking groups that put together interactive videos to help people.”

“Some ideas that might enhance the students’ mind into engaging in one’s school subjects will be providing the daily lesson. For example, for Geometry, someone can do a couple of sample problems, and step by step re-teach to those that don’t understand the subject.”

“Post daily review questions with the answer posted on the following day, along with how the problem was solved.”

“I think some parts of the lessons should be on the discussion pages and make it easier for us to study and interact with the teacher who can help us at home.”

“Post the lesson on Facebook so that a student can study or look over them if he did not understand the lesson that day.”

“Notes posted up on the Fan Page would be helpful, and the actual work to get the answers.”

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