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Monday, August 16, 2010

Animoto Video Introductions

Free for Educators! Simply fill out the form here and enter your school website and you get a confirmation code to use this site for FREE (it may take a few days to get your code, so do it NOW in time for Day 1 of school!). It's the best ever--easy as heck to use, and best of all, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MUSIC! Animoto has an extensive list of music that have been pre-copyright-approved so you don't have to hassle with finding royalty free, licensed for reuse, music files. Of course, you should use either your own images or images licensed for reuse. Try Flickr (you can search by "creative commons license" in the advanced search option).
I have attached a video I created in a little over an hour and most of if was because I got picky about pictures. I can't help it! Anyway, it would be a great idea to use one of these to introduce yourself to your students instead of A)not introducing yourself at all or B) just talking about yourself. They'll respect you more if you use their media--a music video! The style and transitions are all done by Animoto; you just upload pictures and/or video and pick what music you want. Voila! Enjoy!

Here's the link from Animoto's website. Mrs. Julizza Holub

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