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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bring Charity to the Classroom

In this day and age, there are so many ways you can bring the world to your classroom. Why not bring charity?

I have been helping in an Algebra lab class to get help students get motivated. The focus is first to get to know the students. Second, make daily lessons engaging. Now, I am going to use charity:water to help the students care about the world around them. They will raise money with their efforts in math to help others in need get clean water.

Our plan is the following: students will set goals for their test grades. They will go to their family and friends and ask them to commit to donate to the charity set up for the class if the student meets their goal. All donations will be handled by the donors--they can make their own donations online once the results are in. All because of technology. What can be more motivating than helping someone else?

Update: The students watched the video above and are feeling empowered. I heard sighs from the students and "awws" for the babies in the video. They already care and they've never even met them. They've even got a donor that donated $40 so far and they loved it! I'm excited for these students who will have to opportunity to improve themselves while helping someone else. Thank goodness for technology and great teachers! :)

Donate here!

Mythbusters Waterslide

I got sent this video and loved it! Then...I saw that Mythbuster's link. Even cooler. Math. Is. Powerful. :)