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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deep in Research

I am so glad to be getting this blog up and started!

Keep the interview submissions coming, kids! Special thanks to all the dedicated math teachers at Cy Falls that have been willing to step out onto unknown territory--sometimes with fear and trembling--to do something new. I can't say how admiring that quality is!

I am ready to start diving into the surveys and am researching more and more on the benefits of the web. Countless articles have been written by bloggers left and right on the way educators have been using the web to enhance learning in their classroom, but I'm not sure of how many have conducted studies on the benefits (or deterrents-we shall see!) of Facebook pages at the high school level. I'm pretty certain we are amongst the first, especially at the secondary math level, to try this out. I will post my findings here along with present them at the Social Networking inservice in June and August for CFISD.

Check back for updates on Facebook, blogging, web tips, trials, and resources!