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Friday, July 23, 2010


I have been attending a fabulous and intensive AMDM training in Houston, TX with Kelly Flickinger and Jenny Harper. They are awesome presenters and teachers! Kudos to them both for having the energy and passion for this course!
AMDM is the dream course. It's the course that every math class should be! It's intensive, applicable, and exciting. It focuses on student-centered groupwork, inquiry-based lessons, and has incredible real-life problems. These are not your "Let's do at least 2 word problems at the end of the problem set" kind of word problems, no sirree! These are, "Let's take 2 WEEKS if we have to!" word problems. What math teacher (who has a real nerdy passion for it) wouldn't want that? Sign me up!
More on AMDM later; just wanted to let you know--don't be afraid, be excited!