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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Web Literacy

If you have any suggestions, please post your comments about the training at Cy Falls on Web Literacy from today. I am doing this training again in August and I appreciate your feedback!

On the surface, I will be adding, RSS feeds, and Google Reader to the presentation. I also plan to extend the time to explore in the Way Back Machine and some other parts of the presentation. Some other suggestions that were made were to move the Google account creating to early in the morning so that participants would have time to receive the email verification and be able to follow in the afternoon.

Just some thoughts; definitely more to think about. What did you wish you had with you today to make your experience better? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


  1. I enjoyed learning how to validate the authenticity of any website. I also have never learned how to exclude items of a search as in (florida -disney -beaches) Totally Cool. Also truncating wesites to the original place was something I have never done.

  2. This was very informative. I would like to retake this next summer (maybe label it Web Literacy II). There was so much information that I am sure I missed something useful. Please offer a refresher next year.


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